This is the info for the Stages of 2017. Every year's Ruta is unique, we change the course and the finish lines. We're still working on the exact details for 2018, however the kilometers, ascent and descent are always very similar.

tablas etapas-01.png

Stage 1

Date: Thursday, November 1st
Start time: 5:30am, Crocs Hotel in Jaco
Finish: Hacienda El Rodeo, Ciudad Colón
Ascent: 4000 meters
Descent: -3400 meters

tablas etapas-02.png


Date: Friday, November 2nd
Start time: 5am, Terramall, Tres Rios
Finish: Catie, Turrialba
Ascent: 2609 meters
Descent: -3867 meters

tablas etapas-03.png


Date: Saturday, November 3rd
Start time: 8am, Centro de Siquirres
Finish: Playa Bonita, Limón
Ascent: 259 meters
Descent: -338 meters